Nadja Collin from MACOM explains the rise of the waist-trainer corsets.

They are hailing it “the return of the corset” with celebrities tweeting photos of themselves wearing so-called “waist-trainers”. Despite these 21st century idols shaking the dust off the waist cincher, the concept of waist training is far from something new.

Around 200 years ago the corset was seen as a medical necessity, women would have maids lace them up into bodices to support their allegedly fragile frames. The tighter the corset the more elite a woman would be in society, a tightly laced lady was the pièce de résistance of a flourishing family, and she would be reduced to only the chores of elegance and refinement. The theory behind wearing a corset remains unchanged.

As the power of our body’s memory is not to be underestimated, in the same way that the brain has a memory function, so too does the body. This is the reason why MACOM Medical have diversified further and reintroduced their popular abdominal corset into the aesthetic market as a body shaping cincher and waist training garment.

MACOM Medical had initially created their boned corset for post-surgery purposes but, due to its medical strength capabilities, adjustable fastenings and comfortable sewn-in boning it has been well received by aesthetic consumers and waist training devotees alike. Waist training requires dedication and with daily wear the abdominal circumference will start to mimic the shape of the corset and once a desired shape has been achieved; top-up wear may be required to maintain the results.

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