Adare Aes12794953_xxlthetics have launched a new filler.

Luminera Crystalys is a sterilised apyrogenic injectable facial implant. It is a homogenous, semi-solid and completely bio-degradable implant intended for sub and deep dermal use.

It is based on calcium hydroxyapatite, the major content of teeth and bones. Crystalys is a long lasting yet non-permanent implant.

The Calcium Hydroxyapatite and gel carrier in Crystalys form a network which enhances the penetration of surrounding cells and acts as a platform in which these cells can grow.

The gel carrier is then gradually absorbed leaving a long lasting implant made of new cells and calcium hydroxyapatite particles. Over time the calcium hydroxyapatite particles are degraded leaving only calcium and phosphate ions, which undergo normal homeostatic processes.

Crystalys contains 55% calcium hodroxyapatite microspheres.

The new filler is intended for deep and sub dermal tissue augmentation at the facial area. It is used for general restoration of the face and specifically for filling deep wrinkles and lines.

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