The masterminds behind fat reduction devices including Exilis Elite and Vanquish, BTL Aesthetics, are pleased to announce the launch of Exilite.

The Exilite offers excellent regeneration enhancement using the principle of non-thermal effect of LED modulated light technology. This scientifically proven method substantially reduces erythema, improves skin regeneration and positively stimulates production of collagen in the tissue.


The Exilite Multipulse mode enables extremely gentle transmission of energy into the skin, having great results even on patients with less pigment difference in target tissue. The Multipulse mode increases the application effect while decreasing the risk of any unwanted events, such as redness.

Excellent clinical outcomes are assured by very strong power output. The fluence of Exilite reaches 40 J/cm2. Both the patient and an operator also benefit from faster therapy. Even large areas, such as back, are treated in an instant.

Manager to BTL Aesthetics UK, Lee Boulderstone, praised the new device and its treatment options for patients and practitioners alike.

“Exilite is our exclusive intense pulsed light system providing excellent results for patients, in less time for practitioners,” he explained.

“We know it has the ultimate technology behind it to allow fast and comfortable treatment. We’re excited to showcase this alongside our growing portfolio of superior non-surgical devices at CCR Expo in October.”

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