12794953_xxlBy Lisajane Davies

Dr Sophie Shotter of Illuminate Skin Clinic in King’s Hill, Kent, has devised her own unique treatment for those who prefer the finer things in life – Haute Couture Botox treatments by Dr Sophie.

From her clinics in King’s Hill and at Purity Bridge in Royal Tunbridge Well Dr Sophie is proud to introduce something that makes her Botox treatments truly unique.

Dr Sophie said:

“One of the most common questions that she is asked about Botox is ‘what’s the difference between you (a doctor) doing the treatment’? She goes on to explain that with her treatments you also have the benefit of her medical experience, the ongoing professional development she undertakes, authentic product and doses and the knowledge that you are in safe, accredited hands”.

So just what is Haute Couture Botox?

Using a unique formulation of Botox combined with adrenaline in different dilutions, Dr Sophie uses her expert and artistic eye to treat anywhere on your face that she sees would benefit. Dr Sophie says that “she may treat your upper and/or lower face to correct a gummy smile or to treat the neck muscles which pull your face downwards with age”.

The adrenaline in the product also means that the minimal risk of product spreading to other muscles in further minimised making it extremely safe, especially when working around the eye areas.

You can find out more about this by calling 01732 647007