The new power duo guiding Sinclair through its next phase of growthThe new power duo guiding Sinclair through its next phase of growth Global aesthetics specialist Sinclair is paving the way for a future of strategic innovation and expansion with two key executive appointments initiated to help spearhead Sinclair UKI’s ambition to be UK market leader.

Medical Aesthetics is in the career DNA of both John Campbell – who joins Sinclair as Country Head for the UK&I – and Lauren Clarke – who comes on board as Head of Marketing UK&I – and is leading the company’s marketing and training functions. Together they bring a wealth of industry experience, mutual respect and understanding which they plan to leverage as they take Sinclair UKI into the next phase of business expansion.

John Campbell’s career in medical aesthetics spans 15 years, with companies such as Germany’s Merz Pharma and Allergan Aesthetics, underpinned by 20 years of sales and marketing expertise. His extensive background gives him a deep understanding of the industry’s complexities, which he believes will be instrumental to his role at Sinclair. “What I bring is a really good understanding of the industry, both at a national and global level. My experience working with some of the largest medical aesthetic companies in the field has provided me with valuable insights and expertise that I can readily apply to my current role,” he says.

Similarly, Lauren boasts 16 years of expertise in the international aesthetics market, which she explains “Encompasses strategic sales and marketing roles which demanded a deep understanding of diverse consumer preferences, distributor dynamics, and manufacturer-to-provider engagements.” She adds” My most recent experience was as Director of Marketing for an aesthetic clinic chain, however HydraFacial is probably the notable company for which I worked, where I led the experiential marketing focus for the EMEA region.”

Mutual professional respect

Certainly both John and Lauren are full of mutual professional admiration and respect for each other. Says John of Lauren: “Lauren has a true passion for medical aesthetics. With a wealth of experience in the industry. One of her greatest qualities is her innate ability to engage with people. Whether it’s customers, colleagues, or industry peers, she establishes meaningful connections and builds strong relationships.”

Lauren adds of John: “I hold complete faith in John’s strategic approach to decision-making, trusting that it will guide our company in a well-planned and effective direction, fostering success and growth throughout the UK, Ireland, and for all our customers. As we focus on building strategic partnerships for improvement and growth, John’s well-established network and reputation will undoubtedly be key assets.”

The two are also understandably impressed and excited by Sinclair’s track record and the opportunities for growth. Says John: “Beyond its great product offerings, what truly stands out to me is the emphasis Sinclair places on building and nurturing relationships. The company actively encourages connections and communication among practitioners, professionals, and experts in the field. This collaborative approach creates a supportive and empowering ecosystem that benefits everyone involved, enhancing the overall quality of care and services offered within the industry.”
Lauren also underlines the quality and efficacy of Sinclair’s “exceptional” product portfolio, which includes pioneering brands including Maili, Lanluma, Silhouette Soft, Ellansé and a new portfolio of energy-based devices, which are new to the market. This is couple with a “Dedication to providing professional support and training for healthcare professionals”, including resources such as the Sinclair College learning portal.

Planning for growth

Together John and Lauren have cohesive plans to build on the success of the business so far. John highlights his vision of creating a “Happy and empowered team.” He adds” My commitment to nurturing a positive and motivating work environment revolves around fostering empowerment and knowledge among team members. I strongly believe that a happy and fulfilled team translates to better results and a greater experience for our customers,” he says.

Beyond Sinclair’s internal team he recognises the importance of addressing the professional development needs of aesthetic practitioners within the industry: “Ultimately, my goal is to create a symbiotic relationship where our team’s growth and dedication empowers aesthetic practitioners to deliver outstanding care and results to their clients,” he adds.

Lauren has a comprehensive plan in place focused on innovation, customers, collaboration, digital transformation, employee growth, brand positioning, industry leadership, and networking. “Together, these strategies form a roadmap for success, guiding Sinclair UKI to new heights in the aesthetics industry, in alignment with both our business goals and customers’ needs,” she stresses, adding: “I believe a customer-focused approach, combined with fostering collaboration and partnerships, is paramount. By putting customer satisfaction at the core, and working closely with key players within the aesthetics sector, including strategic alliances and collaborating with influencers, I aim to build solid customer loyalty and bolster Sinclair UKI’s brand trustworthiness.”

She also stresses that digital transformation, with an emphasis on better use of social media, will be fundamental to building Sinclair’s online presence. At the same time Lauren intends to strengthen Sinclair’s brand positioning by more actively engaging in industry functions and thought leadership initiatives.
“Finally, I see immense value in providing networking opportunities for our customers. Offering a comprehensive calendar of opportunities is a priority, allowing them to connect and engage with industry peers and experts, fostering relationships, and enhancing their overall experience with Sinclair UKI and our brands.”
In fact, she has already begun to implement this strategy, launching seven Maili networking events across the UK and Ireland in July, which successfully brought together more than 100 medical professionals and partners.
An early highlight were two exclusive MaiLi My Power brunches designed specifically for industry stakeholders as well as professional and consumer press, which revealed findings of a global survey conducted with women as part of the powerful MaiLi My Power campaign. She adds: “I am now committed to sustaining and amplifying the momentum we have gathered so far.”

Forging new collaborations

She has also announced Sinclair’s collaboration with the UK’s foremost postgraduate training provider in aesthetic medicine, Harley Academy, and the globally renowned Professor Sebastian Cotofona, an eminent anatomist for facial enhancement procedures and Professor in the Department of Clinical Anatomy at the prestigious Mayo Clinic of Medicine and Science in Rochester, Minnesota.

“This collaboration will make Sinclair the exclusive collaborator for Professor Sebastian’s inaugural event in the UK, coinciding with his new role as Harley Academy’s Academic Director. This strategic alignment not only underscores our core objectives but also paves the way for future growth, impact, and success,” Lauren concludes.

Finally, John underline’s his ambition for Sinclair under his stewardship. “Sinclair has an impressive legacy within the industry. I genuinely believe that it will be a market leader in the UK. To achieve this, we must focus on continuing to: offer great products, develop an exceptional team and create the finest customer experience tailored to the demands of the digital age.”