The company is already knows for its breathable foundation, but it has now launched a medicated version to treat acne.

The foundation contains 2% salicylic Acid, which is released into the skin throughout the day, regulated by body heat. It also contains Ceravitae, a patent-pending healing complex that promotes cell production and connective tissue growth. The Ceravitae prevents the pores from being clogged, while the Salicylic Acid treats the acne.

Where most foundations are water-based, Oxygenetix Acne Control is Aloe Barbadensis gel-based, and has anti-bacterial qualities.

Dr. Terry Loong, a Cosmetic Doctor and acne expert, said: “Oxygenetix Acne Control is ideal for my acne clients who want to continue to cover up the condition whilst treating it. I am already seeing a great improvement in patients who have been using it for just a few weeks. It delivers great coverage without aggravating the condition and the salicylic acid is slow release, so it doesn’t dry the skin out.”

The product becomes available in December 2015, and will retail at £52.

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