By Rosie Wilson

The CPD approved course, set to launch in the UK early next year, will ensure practitioners are holding rigorous consultations prior to treatment.

The Advanced Consultation Training (ACT) course aims to create an industry standard for consultations in what is currently an unregulated environment. The training programme has been developed by micropigmentation practitioner Anouska Cassano and Glen M. Callaghan, Professor of Psychology at San José State University.

Aimed at both beauty therapists and aesthetics practitioners, the ACT course aims not only to manage patient expectations, but to assess whether there are any psychological or emotional factors that may affect their patients’ suitability for treatment. At the end of training, subjects will be tested to ascertain whether they can become a certified ACT practitioner.

Cassano said: “Part of becoming an ACT certified practitioner is recognising that not all clients may be right for what we do and the treatments we provide. Although undergoing the treatment makes ethical and moral sense, it also makes good business sense. A more efficient consultation process will result in happier patients which leads to positive word of mouth recommendations.”

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