European expert recommendations for the use of Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA, Sculptra®, Sinclair Pharmaceuticals) for Facial Rejuvenation has been published in the Journal of Drugs & Dermatology.

The review presents recommendations on the ideal use of the unique collagen stimulator for facial rejuvenation lasting up to 25 months. Along with the US Consensus – published in the journal in April 2014 – the recommendations provide a global consensus in the optimisation of Sculptra® use and safety.

Facial ageing is no longer considered a purely gravitational decent. Volume loss, fat redistribution, muscle atrophy and bone remodelling are all major components. Treatments like Sculptra®, that replace volume loss by considering the entire face and its structural foundation provide a more holistic approach which can forestall further deterioration and avoid or postpone the need for surgery.

The review, based on the recommendations of the European Expert Group, documents that optimal results with Sculptra®, are achieved based on a detailed knowledge of facial anatomy, correct treatment procedure, specifically the right dilution, the correct injection technique and appropriate aftercare.

Dr Linda Eve, Senior Trainer and Chairman of the UK Sculptra Advisory Board and member of the European Expert Group says:
“I am delighted to have been a member of the Sculptra™ European Expert Board and to have worked closely together to produce the recent publication in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology. We now have excellent European guidelines for the usage and safety of Sculptra, which together with the US Consensus, provides a solid and comprehensive global understanding of the benefits and application of this unique and extremely effective collagen stimulating product.”

The article concludes that PLLA is one of the most wildly documented treatments and the evolution of treatment experience over the last 14 years has contributed to its safe and effective use. Doctors have come to understand major technical aspects, the importance of patient selection and counselling and how to improve the safety profile and combine PLLA with other treatment options.

The recommendations by the European Expert Group provide a helpful platform to appreciate PLLA’s unique properties and optimal use, achieving both gradual and natural looking results, with heightened patient satisfaction.

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