Next month, IRB Trade will join Revitacare UK in the first in-person British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) event since 2019. 

Held at Church House, London on September 10th this event features key workshops in a number of aesthetic fields, including injectables, neuromodulators and facial aesthetics with world-renowned experts, including Dr Jean Carruthers, and Professor Syed Haq.

Malieh Hillman, Director of IRB Trade comments: “We are thrilled to be attending the BCAM event in September. The Covid-19 pandemic meant a lot of industry events had to be postponed, so this is a great opportunity to reconnect with Laboratoire Revitacare and many of our colleagues and esteemed practitioners from all over the world.”

Renowned as a key player in the field of aesthetic medicine for over 20 years, Revitacare provides a range of injectable medical devices based upon hyaluronic acid and specialised ingredients to prevent and correct the visible signs of ageing. 

Currently, the Revitacare range includes four core products, including the world-renowned Cytocare, which combines Hyaluronic acid and a unique complex of other skin loving vitamins and minerals designed to target fine lines, smooth, tighten, and promote elasticity within the skin to boost overall radiance. 

The Cytocare line also includes Cytocare 532 and an S-Line variation which are perfect for use around the delicate eye area to brighten and treat the peri-orbital bone. Cytocare 532 contains 32 mg of non-cross linked Hyaluronic acid, and the S – Line variation is a pre-filled syringe containing 18 mg of non-cross linked Hyaluronic acid. 

The Revitacare range also includes a specific Haircare line which is designed to treat a range of concerns, including male pattern baldness. The haircare line combines Hyaluronic acid with Zinc and Biotin to target and strengthen the hair follicle, hydrate the scalp, and improve overall hair texture and strength.

Based on its use, each product within the Revitacare range is designed specifically to nourish the deeper layers of skin to provide smooth, natural, and long-lasting results. Based on its intended use, each line is available in a wide range of viscosities and concentrations and can be used either alone, or in conjunction with other treatments including PRP and Microneedling.

Saleh Roudi, Business Partner at IRB Trade adds: With the pandemic a lot of things were delayed. This BCAM event is a great opportunity for us to catch up on industry developments, and learn about the new innovations, trends, and products that will shape the industry in the future.”

The BCAM event will be taking place on September 10th, 2022. You will find IRB Trade on Stand 20. Register here.