The new Hyaluronic Acid (HA) filler MaiLi, from Sinclair Pharma, launches 28thApril 2021.

The new product range harnesses the power of the world’s first OxiFree HA technology.

MaiLi is the natural partner for gifted professionals to refine their craft with precision and care, using the finest Swiss science to unlock the highest levels of aesthetic artistry.

The new HA filler offers supple volume, projection power and elasticity, allowing for natural movement. MaiLi Extreme is verified as a volumising and supple filler, with an unparalleled projection rate of 34% more than the market leader. 

Meanwhile, MaiLi Extreme uses 24% less gel for the same volumising effect, compared with the market leader – a brand where less filler means more fullness and flexibility.

Not only does less product mean more treatment possibilities for patients, but, for the same patient, practitioners can use the same syringe in multiple areas to exceed patient results, creating superior results which gradually build over time.

This premium HA gel is designed for the treatment of fine-lines, medium sized skin depressions, the periorbital area, volume loss, and is especially effective for lip definition or enhancement. 

MaiLi follows the lineage established by medical aesthetics company Sinclair Pharma which also boasts Ellansé, the first collagen stimulating dermal filler for the face, in its treatment portfolio; as well as the recently launched Lanluma dermal filler for the body and face, and Silhouette Soft, its unique cone threaded sutures for non-surgical skin lifting. 

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