Dr Dan Dhunna has explained his top dermal fillers available in the UK and how they can effectively augment and beautify facial contours, as well as hydrate and re-condition the skin.

Choosing only highly-regarded, FDA-Approved brands, they’re known for their unsurpassed safety records and clinically-proven formulations for the most beautiful, natural-looking results.

He says: “Nowadays, dermal fillers for plumping, shaping and correcting ageing or thinning lips are hugely popular, but many people don’t realise that dermal lip fillers are not simply one product and one technique.”

“The art of augmenting the lip area is something that an already highly qualified medical professional needs to master, over many years. Every dermal filler product is different and although the main components are basically, the same – hyaluronic acid (HA) in a fluid to a more viscous gel, each have their own specific quality and behaviour once injected into the lips.”

Dr Dan Dhunna only uses certified products and during his many years of practice, has meticulously chosen some of the world’s leading dermal filler brands. Now, Dr Dhunna has rigorously tested each product and has put together his top 5 lip filler products which include Juvederm Volift, Restylane Kysse and Belotero Lips Shape and Contour.

He said: “Lip fillers have come leaps and bounds over the past 20 years and where once there were only a handful of reputable dermal fillers on the market, the large pharmaceutical companies continue to ‘up their game’, when it comes to this hugely sought-after non-surgical injectable treatment.

“It’s still vital however, that you consult with a medically-qualified practitioner when it comes to dermal fillers and indeed, any injectable procedure, for well-informed advice and beautifully-stunning results.”