9844256_xxlWhile some men spend November growing a moustache, more are opting to banish their man-boobs instead, according to a top plastic surgeon.

The new trend, dubbed ‘Moobember’ is taking the UK by storm, with men of all ages seeking cosmetic treatment to rid themselves of their ‘moobs’ in time for the festive season.

Consultant plastic surgeon Mr Martin Coady says he has seen a year-on-year rise in the amount of men having cosmetic procedures which make them appear in better shape before the onslaught of Christmas parties begins.

November is the key month for men with moobs because it’s too late to get toned in the gym, says North Yorkshire-based expert Mr Coady.

“We see more and more men opting to have cosmetic procedures in November every year,” says Mr Coady. “”.

“Now the festive season starts in early December, many male patients realise they need a quicker-fix in the run-up to Christmas and New Year. They want to look their best, so the less invasive the procedure, the quicker the recovery.” he explains.

With plenty of non-surgical treatments available, Coady says treating men with ‘moobies’ can be simple and pain-free- and possibly much quicker than growing a moustache.

“The problem of man boobs, properly known as gynaecomastia, can be divided into two basic types – ‘true gynaecomastia’, where the breast like appearance is caused by an excess of glandular tissue, often caused by over-exposure to certain hormones, and ‘pseudogynaecomastia’, which is due to fatty tissue,” he says. 

“If the problem is ‘pseudogynaecomastia’ it can be treated using combined radiofrequency and ultrasound technology like Exilis, which non-surgically removes fat and tightens the skin.” he says. 

These findings support the 2013 figures from BAAPS which reported male breast reduction surgery had dropped by 18% in the UK- likely due to men seeking non-surgical alternatives.