10584777_xxlAccording to the BBC, a new centre for cosmetic surgery research has opened in the UK. Believed to have been funded as a response to the scandal over PIP breast implants, hopes are that the institute will help to lower the prevalence of surgical errors.

Criticised by NHS Medical Director, Sir Bruce Keogh, it is believed that not enough research is completed surrounding cosmetic operations. With a lack of data highlighted as the reason behind industry failings, such as the PIP scandal, it is believed that the research centre represents a move to rectify such issues.

Despite cosmetic surgery becoming more main-stream, it is believed that the new centre for cosmetic surgery is the first of its kind, worldwide.

Believing it will make a difference to the quality of patient care, Sir Bruce Keogh stated the following:

“This joint initiative is the first recommendation of my review to be implemented and I know it will provide a major contribution to patient safety.”