11040555_xxl– Protégé Intima is the FIRST energy-assisted system to offer women non-surgical labia remodelling 

– The only non-invasive treatment of its kind in the UK 

– Enhances female ‘sexual satisfaction’

– No pain, no downtime, no scalpel 

– Short treatment sessions

When it comes to a woman’s body there are certain parts most don’t like to talk about- especially the intimate areas. But a revolutionary energy-assisted device has just landed in the UK which promises to not only improve the appearance of ‘down there’ but also give the sex drive a makeover too.

Many women who suffer from skin laxity around and on their labia minora and labia majora- the inner and outer lips to the vagina- complain about reduced sexual satisfaction and low self-confidence. Until now they have only had a choice of removing the unwanted skin by a surgical procedure- labiaplasty.

This procedure is usually expensive (£2,000-£4,000) and the healing can take over three weeks. The procedure can also be painful and has been associated with the risks typical of all invasive procedures, such as scarring and bleeding.

While a few laser-based devices have been known to treat the appearance of the vagina, women are increasingly demanding totally non-invasive methods to improve their most intimate area.

The Protégé Intima is a new system designed to address labia remodelling without surgery. The energy-assisted device from BTL Aesthetics combines focused high frequency technology with built-in safety features to make the innovative ‘tightening’ treatment pain-free and very low risk.

The device can reach temperatures of 40-42C on the skin surface and the patient typically feels a pleasant warming sensation during the treatment. One session takes around 12 minutes- 6 minutes per one side of vagina- and patients usually need 4 treatments over 4 weeks.

Offering an embedded safety system to prevent burns, the system has recently gained approved for professional use in the UK and marks a groundbreaking addition to the BTL Industries portfolio of devices.

Of the women who trialled the treatment* 80% reported ‘significant to excellent’ improvement in the appearance of their labia, while 60% reported ‘significant to excellent’ improvement of sexual satisfaction- with 100% reporting some form of sexual satisfaction improvement.

* Official report available 

Due to the increased blood flow in the treated area, along with the self-confidence boost the patient receives after treatment, the libido is heightened making sex post-treatment much more satisfying.

Although new to the UK, the Protégé Intima is making waves in the world of cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments, with industry experts hailing it “the next big thing in female cosmetic surgery.”

Laura Casewell, Editor of The Cosmetic Surgery Guide magazine says:

“The advances in most non-invasive cosmetic treatments have been astonishing in the last few years but, being the only energy-assisted treatment of its kind currently available, this really does look set to be huge in Britain. The days of surgical labiaplasty may be numbered now Protégé Intima is offering such outstanding results without the need for knives or needles.” 

This will be the next big thing as far as female cosmetic surgery goes, especially as it’s proven to give your love life a boost- I have no doubt about it,” she concludes.

The system, which must only be operated by a trained professional, is about to go on sale to private clinics across the country, and looks set to be one of the most sought after non-surgical treatments in Britain for 2014.


Zuzana Fucíková, MD- who conducted the initial study into High Frequency Treatment for Non-Invasive Non-Surgical Labia Remodelling using Protégé Intima- said the treatment offers women safe and effective results.

“The Protégé Intima is a safe and effective device for non-invasive non-surgical labia remodelling. The use of the device leads to the improvement of the appearance of the vulva and to the improvement of sexual satisfaction.”

More information can be found at www.btlaesthetics.com 01782 579 060 and email info@btlmed.co.uk