I16410648_xxlt’s not often you’d associate an anti-cellulite product with a wardrobe staple. But then, has anything ever been this stylish?

MACOM Medical, the leading provider of compression garments in the UK, has re-launched their most talked about product, just in time for bikini season. The original MACOM Smooth Hotpants, most recently seen in the MailOnline and the beauty editor’s favourite Get the Gloss, has undergone a glamorous makeover, with inspiring results.

Enter MACOM Crystal Smooth – the highly intelligent legwear range that promises to “boost your workout whilst transforming your skin.”

Packaged in neat white glossy boxes, Crystal Smooth are undoubtedly the most luxurious and effortless way to smooth your skin during your workout. But that’s only if you want to, of course.

The 3 styles are so flattering – think high-waists for that smoothing, comforting effect – a wearer would be easily tempted to reach for the leggings for a long-haul flight, and the cycling shorts have proven to be a popular pyjama replacement.

The main features, of course, are the unparalleled skin care and fitness benefits that the clever Emana fibre delivers. Within the first few weeks the wearer will experience increased skin elasticity and collagen production, with touchably smooth legs.

After a month of wear, cellulite will appear significantly reduced. Updating your gym kit? You could enjoy a regulated body temperature, a reduced build up of lactic acid, and an increased stamina during your workout. What’s more, sufferers of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness would benefit from alleviated muscle fatigue, post-workout.

The fabric is woven with bioative crystals that absorb body heat and return it in the form of Far Infrared Rays. The rays penetrate the skin and stimulate blood microcirculation, cellular metabolism and lymphatic drainage.

The increase in blood flow to the area nearest the skin significantly reduces the likelihood of the irregular build up of fat and blockage to the lymph cells – a common cause of cellulite. The science behind the brand has enabled a seamless transition from customer to clinic, as Top Harley Street surgeons are recommending Crystal Smooth as a complementary product for cellulite treatments.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi agrees, saying:

“I recommend MACOM Smooth for all my patients who have Cellulaze, no exception. The advantage of this product is that it has been cleverly designed to give heat without the patient feeling a hot sensation in the legs. What this means, from a medical point of view, is that when you introduce heat you speed up lymphatic drainage, and that is quite crucial after Cellulaze. If you wear these garments you will see the final results far earlier. The last 50 patients I have treated who have worn MACOM Smooth have had a faster and better result than the previous 50 who wore traditional garments.” 

MACOM recommends you wear your Crystal Smooth for up to 6 hours a day for the ultimate results, but it’s easy to see how you can incorporate them into your everyday life. Not only have they passed the skinny jean test with flying colours, the comfort factor makes them a pleasant

MACOM Crystal Smooth legwear, from £80.00, available exclusively online at www.macom-medical.com from Friday 9th May.