John Culbert of Cambridge Stratum has hailed the latest Aesthetic Medicine Live exhibition ‘the most productive show’ after showcasing a new portfolio of devices.

Showcasing a range of platforms including lasers such as the Pico300 and the Spectra Vein, John said the 2 day event attracted visitors seriously interested in investing in quality aesthetic devices. 

“We were pleasantly surprised how productive the first show coming out of the pandemic has been. We were concerned that Covid may have overshadowed it but we were busy from virtually the minute the show opened.

“Importantly, the people who attended had a serious interest in the products on show and many had imminent purchasing intentions. The initial impression is that this was the most productive show we have exhibited at.”

According to John it was obvious within minutes of the announcement that “AM Live 2021 is now open” that there is a pent up demand from clinic owners for the latest technology but at affordable prices.

“The first morning of the show was virtually non-stop and most of the people attending were there for a business; with the intention of finding the product that would give them that vital edge over the competition. What that constituted varied from person to person and the interest was spread across the full product range on offer.”

Cambridge Stratum was pleased to be able to exhibit some excellent showstoppers.

John says: “The Pico300 and 500 range of picosecond lasers at mainstream prices. However, the Nano 3 – a 3.5ns active Q switch laser – also attracted a lot of attention.”

The combination of skin tightening and skin resurfacing has been in the news lately leading to a lot of interest in combination treatments that includes the Stratum 1550: a non-ablative 1550nm scanning laser for skin resurfacing and the SkinTyte III our latest 3 D Hi-Fu machine to tighten the skin.  

John says: “The combination of these two treatments produces excellent results 100% non-invasively and with zero downtime. In order to further promote this hot combination we were pleased to include the show offer of a £5000+ vat discount from the normal price ( £19,500 + £12,500 both plus vat so normally £32,000 + vat  – special offer £27,000 + vat ). Again both machines are offered with our market leading 3 year warranty as standard.”

Cambridge Stratum evolved from the founders’ need to source a broad range of aesthetic and medical equipment for their own use, that is world class in performance, with uncompromising build quality and safety.

All of the equipment offered through Cambridge Stratum has been evaluated and is in daily use in the associated company – Cosmex Clinic – run by award-winning nurse Louise Sommereux. 

All equipment supplied is either CE or Medical CE approved as appropriate and all products have been verified as suitable for the UK.