A cosmetic doctor specialising in anti-ageing treatments has revealed the most popular skin concerns his patients are presenting with and why he’s proud to be a KOL for Universkin.

Based at the Re-Enhance Clinic based in Manchester, Dr Kinsella – who has practised for over 16 years making him one of the most sought after in the industry – revealed how a combination of video calls and face mask use over the last 18 months has led to a surge in treatments and medical grade skincare.

According to the skin expert, patients are finding that the use of masks has caused them blocked pores, possibly even more acne as well as spots and irritation.

He says: “Everyone wants a bright, clear complexion with smooth skin, minimised pores and a glowing effect. This is why people are now asking for peels, or injectable treatments that improve the actual look of the skin.

“In terms of skincare, one of the big things we use at our clinic is Universkin and I’m delighted to now be a KOL for the brand. We customise serums to the patient by adding antioxidants like vitamin C as well as hydrating agents like aloe vera.

“For me this is the very best in professional skincare,” he says. 

Martin says he’s also seeing requests for under-eye tear trough filler because of Zoom overuse and social media, and jaw, cheek contouring and also fillers in the nose are becoming even more popular.

A unique, science-based and physician-dispensed bespoke skincare, Universkin personalised skincare is offered by cosmetic doctors, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and aesthetic practitioners in 35 countries worldwide.

Universkin is available for HCP from John Bannon Pharmacy.