Experts say that penis enlargement, along with a host of other cosmetic surgical procedures, can be significantly aided by using tissue grown from stem cells, which is the same as the body’s own natural material.

This new age of ‘plastic’ surgery will, say the UK’s stem cell bank, use no synthetic or harmful materials at all, and will instead be done using exclusively cells grown from the cells people can store in stem cell banks.

A combination of fat collected via liposuction, and healthy stem cells from a patient’s own body, can provide a new form of penis, breast and bottom augmentation that far surpasses any kind of enhancement surgery available before.

The benefits for patients are many. As it’s taken from the patients themselves, the body is far less likely to reject the material used for the enhancements. This makes surgery a much less risky procedure for patients, and could improve recovery times as well as making the results look much more natural than alternatives.

And in addition, the augmented parts will age better than synthetic materials and are less likely to need correcting at any point in the future.

In previous years, some patients who have undergone breast augmentation have hit the headlines when their implants have leaked or even exploded, causing health problems as well as a great deal of distress.

A spokesperson for said: “We’re entering a new age of cosmetic surgery, one which is striving to not only look more natural than ever before, but which is also seeking to use more and more natural materials and procedures to achieve the finished look.

“People are now very aware that natural is better, but at the same time they want to improve their appearance wherever they can. The result is something that stem cells can really help with, growing tissue from a person’s own cells so that it’s not rejected by the body.

“Nowhere is this more useful than in complicated and sensitive surgeries such as penis enlargement. Anything other than natural tissue is always a big risk, but with stem cells you can effectively just improve on nature using all the original materials.”

The same process can also be used to make breasts and bottoms bigger, both procedures that are increasingly becoming commonplace as people take advantage of the falling cost of cosmetic surgery.

In a survey carried out by, 95% of those surveyed said they would consider stem cell procedures over traditional plastic surgery if they were to choose one of the two in the future.

Sarah, 29, is currently considering a breast augmentation and is researching her options. She said: “I’m being really careful and not rushing into booking anything just yet. Your health is really important, so even though I do want the procedure I want it to be as safe as possible.

“The idea that I could use my own cells instead of adding anything else into my body is really appealing and I’m tempted to wait for that option before I actually get it done.”

Sarah and those like her may not have long to wait. With stem cells being hailed as the potential answer to health problems from ageing to hereditary disease, it’s no wonder they’re also now being explored as an alternative to cosmetic procedures too.