10096026_xxlThose considering cosmetic surgery have been warned that they should not choose a service based on price alone. New guidelines advise that people should “avoid being tempted by the offer of discounted prices” or incentives when making a decision.

Following the recent controversy over PIP breast implants, the Office of the Chief Medical Officer has issued new guidelines which have been prepared in collaboration with the Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons.

The new recommendations state that people should carefully consider the effects they are seeking, and research the procedures prior to a consultation. The guidelines suggest those considering surgery, “seek advice from a GP to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for the procedure in question. GPs can give “impartial advice” about choosing a practitioner.”

Those considering travelling abroad for a cosmetic procedure should check with the regulatory authority in the country to which they intend to travel, to confirm the medical practitioner is appropriately registered in that country.

“Consultations should be with the plastic surgeon who will do your procedure and not with a representative from the clinic,” the guidelines state.

“Ensure that you fully understand the expected outcome, which will come from a thorough consultation with your surgeon,” they conclude.