By Rosie Wilson

The product line, which is distributed by Sinclair IS Pharma, has elected the model as its new representative.

Anderton is an advocate for the brand, which consists of five types of advanced hyaluronic acid gel fillers that are said to fill out wrinkles and add volume to the skin while hydrating it.

The five products that Perfectha carries are: Perfectha fine lines; Perfectha derm; Perfectha deep, Perfectha subskin and Perfectha complement. Parent brand Sinclair IS Pharma have outlined that Perfectha can be used for all aspects of facial contour, including loss of volume in the cheeks and chin, lip contouring and wrinkle filling.

The products are FDA approved and said to last 6-18 months, depending on the skin type of the patient and the application area.

Sophie, 37, said that her daily workouts mean that she has to work hard to maintain a youthful look. “When I’ve been working really hard, I tend to lose a lot of weight around my cheekbones and in photos that can look really hard. Perfectha works for me because it’s very gentle with long lasting results.”

Dr. Vincent Wong, the practitioner that treated Anderton, said: “In my clinical experience, Perfectha is one of the most versatile dermal fillers for facial contouring. It can be used to fill wrinkles, augment tissue volume and lip contour. Perfectha is very easy to inject and is very malleable. It produces instantly visible results and since there is no swelling around the injection area that would interfere with the visibility and evaluation of the results, the treatment can be controlled visually.”

Sinclair IS Pharma is an international speciality pharmaceutical company centred on dermatology – specifically aesthetics, wound care and skin care.

For more information about Perfectha, please call 020 7467 6920