It’s been reported that NHS hospitals have seen a six-fold rise in corrective surgery on Brits, possibly as a result of celebrity culture. 

Jackie Doyle-Price, Mental Health Minister, blames reality shows such as Love Island, The Only Way Is Essex and Absolutely Ascot for fuelling a trend in cosmetic surgery – because they give young viewers unrealistic ideas about body image.

She’s demanded TV firms do more to stamp out ads during the hit show that encourage the cosmetic work.

Ms. Doyle-Price has pleaded with people to think twice before heading abroad to take advantage of cheap cosmetic surgery, warning that “the risk of procedures going wrong can cause devastating long-term damage to their physicaland mental health.”

And for those who do go ahead with surgery she urged them to check their practitioner is properly qualified before getting work done.

One study at the Royal London Hospital found a six-fold increase in demand last year for urgent follow-up care resulting from procedures done abroad since 2013.

The hospital spent more than £63,000 to repair botched surgery done overseas.

Meanwhile the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London had to treat 12 patients with infected fillers in the last year – costing £40,000.

She added: “The truth is we all come in different sizes. If people want to change aspects of their appearance that is fine, but they need to understand that all these procedures come with risk.”

“When it comes to fundamental operations such as boob ops, we are seeing more and more people going abroad because it’s cheap.

“I would say – please don’t do it because we are saying more and more people coming back to this country and the NHS having to put problems right.”

Ms Doyle-Price said people are travelling to places like Turkey, India and eastern Europe to have cosmetic surgery procedures that are banned in the UK.

She warned: “These people are having the Brazilian butt lift, which gives you a bottom like Kim Kardashian’s – even though that is a procedure banned in this country.”

The mental heath minister said a recent episode of TOWIE had shown someone having lip fillers done.

And she pointed to the example of Dawn Knight who couldn’t close her eyes after a botched procedure. The mother of two had to have corrective surgery that cost the NHS thousands of pounds.

Ms Doyle-Price said: “These co-called reality TV series are still promoting lifestyles which are semi-fantasy.

“It’s great to have a bit of escapism but no one should feel they have to aspire to be like these people. It’s still entertainment, it’s not real – and it can lead to real harm and cost to the NHS.”