Men feel “just as much pressure as women” to have cosmetic procedures in order to look good.

That’s according to Save Face – the national register for professionals who carry out things like fillers and Botox.

The warning comes as a BBC survey suggests nearly 50% of men between 18-30 “might consider” having a procedure.

The government is about to launch a campaign in England to tackle cosmetic treatments that go wrong.

The survey, commissioned by Radio 1 Newsbeat and the Victoria Derbyshire programme, found that of those who’d had a cosmetic procedure in the past, abdominal implants and Botox were among the most common.

Save Face says they get more men visiting their site than women now and the number of complaints from them has risen dramatically.

“There is a definite trend of men seeking these procedures and in turn men who are suffering complications when procedures go wrong,” says Ashton Collins from the group.

She says images on social media and programmes like Love Island and Geordie Shore are partly responsible for men wanting to change their bodies.

As part of this BBC survey of around 2,000 men and women, respondents were asked what part of them they would most like to change – the most popular choices among men were their stomach and chest, with 34% selecting them.

Deltapoll surveyed 2,033 British adults aged 18-30.