By Rosie Wilson

Zuri lingerie, the producer of a luxury bra for use after cosmetic surgery, has reported a ‘tremendous’ success in the launch of its business. The Birmingham-based business, which launched in December 2014, showed at the Salon de la Lingerie show in Paris, and has garnered interest from UK and international partners as a result.

The bras are designed to provide breathable and flexible comfort during the recovery period of breast augmentation surgery, whilst enhancing the wearer’s new shape and cleavage. The range carries several bras in black and white, including a sports bra, sized 28-46 C-H. The brand has also announced plans to launch a swimwear range in April.

Client relationship manager for Zuri Lingerie, Becky Foxall, said: “The success of our first show is gratifying. We’ve spent many years just talking to post surgery women to provide what we feel is the best bra on the market. But it’s not just the patients; over the last three years, we’ve collaborated with cosmetic surgery specialists, patients and lingerie designers to create the perfect bra for women who have had breast implants.”

“Our mission is to eradicate the issues women face when looking for a bra they will wear during the recovery period and beyond. The recovery process is extremely important and the right bra ensures that skin and tissue heal properly.”

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