The Harley Street Journal meets Douglas Sykes – Managing Director at Advanced Esthetics Solutions in Cardiff – to find out how private aesthetic clinics can make permanent hair removal profitable again, and why the BIOS Square Epil is the only technology you need to invest in.

Advanced Esthetics Solutions recently added the Bios Square Epil to its growing portfolio of energy-assisted devices. With many permanent hair removal devices available in the UK, what makes this technology superior?

The BIOS Square Epil is quite simply the world’s fastest, most powerful, hair-removal laser on the market today. Incorporating multiple patented technologies to further stand out from the crowd, this state-of-the-art Square Epil laser combines two wavelengths: Alexandrite – the gold standard for melanin absorption – and Nd:YAG which the gold standard for dark colour skins and treatment of vascular lesions.

copy-of-squareepilmachineThe Square Epil also uses a ‘blended-emission’ mode to fire both wavelengths simultaneously, resulting in unsurpassed clinical results on all skin types; meaning this is not only the fastest laser on the market but also delivers the best results. As well as this, the BIOS Square Epil also has the largest spot size available, making treatments both effective and incredibly fast, we can now treat a full body in 30 minutes.

Permanent hair removal remains popular with clients but is often considered non-profitable by practitioners and clinicians; how can BIOS Square Epil change this perception?

Over the last ten years discounting companies, such as Groupon, have played a significant role in suppressing hair removal prices. Compared to what we were achieving in 2007, we are seeing a price difference of nearly 50%, and to compound this further costs have increased. The only way to address this is either significantly increase prices, which is very difficult, or to change the consumers mind set and dramatically reduce the time to complete the treatment.

The Square Epil addresses this because it offers the world’s first square shape spot for Alexandrite and Nd:YAG, meaning clinics can offer permanent hair removal in very little time, compared to other lasers available. With no overlapping of pulses needed, smooth hand-piece movement, and no areas missed thanks to the unique square head, treatments are quicker and client satisfaction is higher.

What makes the BIOS Square Epil the fastest laser on the market, and how does this set it apart from other devices for hair removal?

The dual Alexandrite / Nd:YAG  Square Epil laser system delivers a massive 270 watts of power, which means it can run the world’s largest spot size of 30mm at a speed of 3 Hz. To put this into a patient context, a full body treatment can be performed in 30 minutes.

Many manufacturers offer a  spot-size of 24mm, but their systems do not have the power to operate it effectively. So when you are looking for a laser system take note of the power output as well as the delivery spot size. For example, a 90 watt laser delivering 20j/cm2 fluence can only utilise a spot size of 16mm compared to 26mm with the BIOS Square Epil.

Does the BIOS Square Epil have additional features which make it user friendly in a busy clinic?

Of course. The Square Epil also comes with a range of additional features, many of which are unique to BIOS, and will have a significant positive effect on the efficiency and effectiveness of treatment. The world’s first self-replacements lamps are a prime example. Unlike all other laser manufacturers, with the Square Epil you can replace the lamps yourself without the need for an engineer visit, and in just 60 seconds.

squareepil_handpiece-diagramThis device also offers the world’s first hand-piece with an integrated smoke evacuator, meaning any unpleasant plumes are removed straight away from the air, creating a better environment for both the practitioner and the client.

For some practitioners, a lack of treatment flexibility can often be a reason to avoid offering permanent hair removal with laser devices. How is Square Epil from BIOS different?

Whilst the Square Epil is one of only a few lasers that emits both Alexandrite and Nd: YAG simultaneously, both lasers can also be operated independently therefore offering more versatility when treating other problematic issues such as vascular lesions (both face and legs), pigmentation, non-ablative rejuvenation, anti-ageing, warts, onychomycosis and, of course, hair removal for all skin types.

What advice would you give any private clinic or practitioner considering whether offering laser hair removal is both a profitable and worth the initial investment?

Traditionally, permanent hair removal treatments were suitable for limited clients, could be time consuming, and yielded little reward for the time and investment made. However, with the arrival of modern devices such as the BIOS Square Epil clinics can offer fast and effective treatments – for example, a whole back can be treated in just 15 minutes –  and treat men and women of all skin colours and types.

The technology is designed to be user-friendly, and can be maintained easily in clinic. Our customers are delighted with the speed and efficiency with which the BIO Square Epil can treat clients, and are reaping the rewards of offering permanent hair removal again. When considering investing in any laser, the Square Epil truly offers the highest return on investment – no contest.

For more information about offering permanent hair removal with BIO Square Epil please visit or call 02920 231228.