Enquiries into skin firming Lipofirm Pro treatments TRIPLE thanks to the ITV2 show

Non-surgical bum lifts are on the rise as a result of TV’s Love Island, according to a top UK cosmetic clinic.

Perfect Skin Solutions, based in Portsmouth, says its seen THREE TIMES more enquiries into the bum lifting and skin firming treatment Lipofirm Pro since the popular dating show hit the air this year.

Offering results in just 30-minutes, the ‘Love Island Lift’ is proving popular with young women keen to emulate their favourite female stars from the show, who spent most episodes showcasing their pert bottoms in colourful bikinis.

Dr Dev Patel Dr. Dev Patel, Medical Director and Cosmetic Doctor at Perfect Skin Solutions, says the Love Island Lift – as it’s been humorlessly coined at the aesthetics clinic – is currently one of the most requested non-surgical body contouring treatments and is down to the show’s bikini-sporting stars, like winner Amber Davies.

“There’s no doubt this TV show is behind the surge in women requesting skin firming and bum lift treatments. Since the start of the show in June the clinic has seen increasingly more enquiries for our Lipofirm Pro treatment, so much so we’ve named it the Love Island Lift. In just half an hour we can firm skin and lift the bottom, making it ideal for pre-holiday beautification,” says Dr Dev Patel.

So how does the Love Island Lift work?

Already loved by celebrities including Katie Price and Kerry Katona, the Lipofirm Pro bum lift uses two patented technologies which work synergistically in reducing fat and giving a lift/skin tightening effect to the buttocks; TriLipo with Dynamic Muscle Activation and TriPollar Radio-Frequency. The device from AES is totally non surgical, there’s zero recover time, and most patients can see a lifted result after the first session.

Dr Patel continues: “TriLipo technology has certainly got industry professionals and clients equally excited, particularly in relation to bum lifts. Usually to achieve a good non-surgical lift, one needs to address any pockets of excess fat but also redundant skin. Lipofirm Pro helps with this aim by reducing fat; the heating of the dermis then results in collagen fibres contracting and giving a tightening and lifting effect to the butt. The heat also stimulates fibroblasts (cells that make collagen) into working harder to produce new collagen. New collagen means healthier, fresher and tighter skin, so you could be bikini ready in no time – and it’s all thanks to the Love Island Lift.”

6518921_xxlAfter a thorough medical consultation with a suitably trained and qualified professional photographs and measurements would be taken to give a clear picture of the starting point. Lifestyle advice should also be provided at this point. Once comfortable on the treatment couch, treatment can commence.

This is a painless and relatively quick procedure as both patented technologies are delivered simultaneously via the same on skin applicator. A ‘deep circular motion’ technique is used so although it should be painless, I would say it is not as relaxing as a spa facial but at least you might shed an inch or two!

Other benefits of this treatment over other non-surgical methods are that more than one area can be treated at the same appointment and weekly treatments can be performed, thus making overall treatment time shorter.

For more informaton about Lipofirm Pro visit www.advancedestheticssolutions.co.uk