Leading aesthetic expert and founder of Cosmex Clinic, Lou Sommereux, shares why a versatile Hyaluronic Acid filler complements her ‘restoration not transformation’ approach to injectables.

Aesthetic expert and nurse practitioner Lou Sommereux champions a revived effect for her patients, preferring to enhance their own features. “The demographic of my patients tends to be 40 plus, who would like to look healthy and rejuvenated”, says Lou. “We refer to this as a fresh look, as if our patients have been on holiday. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers, such as Sinclair Pharma’s latest innovation MaiLi, fit beautifully into this vision.”

For 40 plus patients, Lou prefers to offer a restoration, not a transformation. “The mid-face is a good area to start with for these patients, giving support to the underlying tissues and ligaments. HA filler integrates into the tissues in different areas of the face to create a restoring effect. My older patients don’t want to look 20 again; as they say, that isn’t going to suit their body. But they want to restore some volume loss, soften lines and define a slightly blurred jaw line.”

MaiLi’s portfolio supports this aesthetic. MaiLi helps rejuvenate, contour and sculpt the face, while acting like soft, flexible and elastic skin tissue, working with natural movement and expression. This means patients will experience soft and supple skin, compared with more rigid or restrictive fillers.

As an aesthetic expert, Lou enjoys the marriage of science and art. “I can treat all areas of the face with MaiLi due to the wide ranging portfolio”, she explains. “It’s a bit like having an artist’s palette; you have products to suit all indications in all areas of the face. You need to have an artist’s eye when injecting, in addition to understanding anatomy, the rheologyof the products you are using and discussing realistic expectations with your patients. As practitioners we need to have a multifaceted skillset to give the outcome and results your patients are happy with, and you are proud of.”

Due to its wide range of products, MaiLi can treat a variety of patients and aesthetic aspirations. “Following an assessment and consultation, we can tailor the range depending on the requirements of the patient. For example, MaiLi can give volume and correction for a younger patient, while an older person may prefer softening lines and wrinkles. The HA concentration in each product is slightly different, so I can adapt to different indications and skin quality. Many of our patients may have two to three appointments to build up to the final result. In doing so, we build trust and confidence, laying the groundwork for their confidence in us. Education about expectations is so important.”

Safe treatment is a priority for all practitioners. Lou shares how she reviews new products to ensure she feels confident about their safety profile. “The safety profile of a product is incredibly important. While patients ask for treatments with longevity and with minimal downtime – both of which MaiLi offers – as experts we know safety plays a key part in the roll out of a new product in clinic.”

“I review the trials and tests a product undergoes, looking at the clinical evidence to ensure a product is safe and effective. That gives me confidence, which exudes to my patients and wider team. In-clinic, I consider what I would want to see as a patient. As a result, we always open the product box in front of our patients and show the expiry date, so patients know it is sterile and unopened. We discuss our cross-infection controls and show our patients the sterile dressing packs.”

The message of safe care has trickled down to a wider patient group, Lou shares. “More recently, younger patients have come to see us, because they have seen the dangerous results that can be achieved from treatment at unregulated clinics. They want to come to a medical clinic where they know treatment will be safe.”

MaiLi is synonymous with safety, and uses lidocaine for a more comfortable experience for patients. The injected gel is in constant contact with the surrounding tissues, and returns to its initial shape due to Smart Spring properties. Harnessing the power of the world’s first OxiFreeTMHA technology, MaiLi uses 24% less filler* for unparalleled volume, suppleness and projection power with supreme longevity. 

There are a multitude of companies offering aesthetic products. Lou shares why she opts to use a particular brand. “I like working with companies who respond to their customers’ requirements. For example, Sinclair Pharma has listened regarding the ergonomics of their syringes; they are comfortable to use. There is no significant extrusion force with the MaiLi syringes, there is no pressure that I’m putting onto the delicate tissues of the skin as I push down the plunger.”

MaiLi follows the lineage established by medical aesthetics company Sinclair Pharma which also boasts Ellansé, a collagen stimulating dermal filler for the face, in its treatment portfolio; as well as the other recently launched Lanluma collagen stimulating dermal filler; and Silhouette Soft, its unique cone threaded sutures for non-surgical skin lifting. 

For more information, please visit:  https://www.sinclairpharma.com. The opinions expressed in this piece are solely those of Lou Sommereux.