8354888_xxlSpectrum Technology UK, the driving force behind the Lipotripsy Radial Wave device for the treatment of cellulite has launched an in-clinic first. Contact Thermography Plates that accurately diagnose the grade of a patient’s cellulite to ensure effective treatment of the area.

Lipotripsy clients will be provided with the opportunity to grade their cellulite both before and after a course of Lipotripsy treatments for complete transparency in the progress and end improvement of their cellulite.

Jim Westwood, MD of Spectrum Technology UK, comments on this high-tech development:

“Traditionally aestheticians would not only diagnose the severity of cellulite by visual assessment, but with a pinch test to diagnose its grade.  The new Contact Thermography plates ensure a more accurate diagnosis is made to avoid any errors in grading and to ensure accurate treatment of the worst affected areas. Whilst these plates have been used widely in medicine since the 1970’s, Spectrum Technology UK is thrilled to be able to claim a UK first for their use in the aesthetic market with Radial Wave therapy.”

Contact Thermography is based on the use of micro encapsulated liquid crystal plates enabling the detection of liposclerosis right from the earliest stages, even when not visible to the naked eye.

By placing the plates on the body, it is possible to show the skin temperature of the underlying tissue and identify, via colour images, the presence of the typical signs of cellulite and therefore localising the treatment areas which require greater attention and intensity.

The temperature variations reveal cold or warm areas where the presence of edema, stage 1 and 2, micronodules, stage 3 and macronodules, stage 4 cellulite can be visibly seen.

Anne-Marie Gillett, Non-Surgical Director, Transform Cosmetic Surgery comments said:

“More frequently, patients demand an objective clinically proven method to measure the improvement in their cellulite. Lipotripsy and their new Thermography Plates meet the needs of patient demand for proof of cellulite improvement, and we are excited to begin treating patients at our clinics with both the cellulite treatment and the plates.”