Vida Aesthetics Logo copyA new treatment using Ozone Therapy has been revealed by Vida Aesthetics.

Ozone autohemotherapy, or ‘self-blood therapy’, is a technique which involves the withdrawal of blood from the body and the re-injection of the same blood, following the infusion of ozone, back into a vein. The aim of the therapy is to enhance the immune system’s ability to fight off disease.

Practitioners of the treatment believe that the reintroduction of your own blood boosts immunity and vitality and is performed to treat pain, inflammation and infections.

Examples of illnesses and symptoms treated with autohemotherapy include arterial circulatory disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, bronchitis, allergies, acne, eczema, leg ulcers and fungal infections.

Autohemotherapy has also been used in combination with conventional cancer treatment, as well as to aid in smoking cessation and to speed up recovery after a long illness. The aim of the therapy is to improve the immune system’s ability to fight disease.

The blood retains its normal components which is the usual complement of hormones, antibodies, minerals, and salts. Any metabolic by-products resulting from acute or long-term illnesses will also be present in the blood and their reintroduction into the patient will force the body to adopt a fresh immune response to the disease-causing substances.

Ozone is a highly unstable gas, formed when oxygen is subjected to ultra-violet rays and electricity. But it is very useful as an antiseptic agent as it can kill bacteria and viruses.

As ozone is an immune system modulator which has got strong analgesic properties, it can treat cervical and lumbar problems with 95% effectiveness of reducing the symptoms. Ozone can also support detoxification and helps to cleanse the lymph system.

Ozone treatment is also being used for sports medicine which is used to treat trauma, muscular distortion and damaged tendons.

Dr. Re (President of the Italian Federation of Ozone Therapy) says:

“While the machine that generates ozone may cost less than £20,000, ozone treatments are delicate and require experience. If it’s done by expert hands, the treatment is practically free from any side effects.”

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