Heliocare® 360° is a new and unique way of protecting our skin against the complete spectrum of sun derived radiation we face every day and preventing the resulting skin-ageing oxidative and DNA damage this can cause. It does this at a greater breadth and a higher level than previously possible. Heliocare® 360° medigrade cosmetic products have a skin-loving feel that encourage everyday use and can be used by everyone concerned about skin-ageing and skin-health as part of their daily skincare regime.

Heliocare® 360° provides essential protection and prevention, as the environmental challenges it protects against; UV, high-energy visible light and Infrared-A, and the oxidative and DNA damage these can cause impact on our skin every day, not just in summer months or during periods of high sun exposure.

Visible light has been shown to be responsible for 33% or more of reactive oxygen species/free radicals produced in the skin and infrared-A radiation has been shown to cause the breakdown of skin collagen.

The Heliocare® 360° revolutionary formulation provides complete 360 degree skin protection, prevention, repair and care:

Protection: Uniquely SPF50+ and broad spectrum UVB|UVA protection is combined with the Heliocare® 360° BioShield System of Fractional Biomimetic Melanin and Pro-Taurine providing additional advanced biological protection against high-energy visible light and Infrared-A radiation. The BioShield System absorbs high-energy visible light at the skin’s surface and helps neutralize the action of Infrared-A within the skin.

Prevention: The daily challenges of UV, visible light and Infrared-A cause reactive oxygen species (ROS) / free radicals within the skin, accelerating skin-ageing. In Heliocare® 360°, clinically proven high-level antioxidant prevention effect is provided by a Super Anti-Ox Complex that contains Fernblock®FC, Vitamin C, E & Green tea extract. The unique and patented skin-antioxidant Fernblock® Polypodium leuctomos extract contained in every Heliocare® product is a clinically proven natural complex containing powerful polyphenol anti-oxidants such as ferulic, caffeic and vanillic acid. In Heliocare® 360° this is fortified with additional ferulic and caffeic acid to make Fernblock®FC, with an antioxidant activity up to 4x greater than Fernblock® alone*.

Repair: DNA in skin cells can be damaged by it’s absorption of UV and oxidative stress caused by ROS, this can accelerate skin-ageing and impair skin-health, in the worst case leading to skin cancer. Fernblock®FC can help reduce DNA damage and natural plant-derived DNA repair enzyme ingredients in Heliocare® 360° can help reduce the level of DNA damage.

Care: The Heliocare® 360° silky smooth skin moisturising formulations encourage everyday use. The fluid cream, provides an advanced and intense moisturising complex making it the ideal essential anti-ageing protect and prevent morning-use product without the need to apply an additional moisturiser, and the airgel is a light foaming mousse that provides smooth and even coverage and is ideal for those who don’t require such a high level of morning moisturisation.

Heliocare® 360° fluid cream (50ml) and airgel (60ml) are available from aesthetic clinics throughout the UK with an SRP £31.00 incl. VAT, information is available at heliocare.aestheticare.co.uk