iStock_000012153902XLargeIt seems the buzz around fat reduction using radiofrequency is growing as Vanquish – now available at Parmar Aesthetics – was featured on a high profile American TV show last month.

Several experts teamed up on ‘The Doctors’ to talk about Vanquish, the latest radio frequency body contouring device from BTL Aesthetics.

Dr Mitesh Parmar, owner of Parmar Aesthetics on Harley Street, said he believes the worldwide media coverage of Vanquish is all due to its unique technology.

“The results for the Vanquish speak for themselves,” Dr Parmar explained.

“I’m pleased to see the device is proving popular across the world, as in the UK we’ve seen some truly remarkable body contouring results. It’s the combination of quick and painless treatments and unrivalled levels of fat reduction for patients that make it unique.”

Because the Vanquish is responsive to the body, it doesn’t hurt or damage the skin. While it’s not an entirely suitable substitute for diet and exercise, it’s great for people who are working out and trying to change their body shape, but still have stubborn areas of fat – particularly around their tummy.

The stomach is known for being a tricky area to tone, with fat pockets hiding the muscles from the surface of the tummy, and the Vanquish can help reduce the fatty deposits and even tighten the skin. The result is a contoured, flatter stomach – but Dr Parmar is keen to point out this treatment also work on the thighs and flanks.

“While the Vanquish is unquestionably effect for giving patient’s a flatter, less fatty belly area, the device is also used to reduce the fat and contour the thighs. It’s also producing some extremely good results on love handles, a problem for many men and women, regardless of how much exercise they do.”

According to Dr Parmar, patients call the treatment ‘painless and pleasantly warm’ and see visible results after 4 sessions.

If you’d like more information on contouring the body using energy-assisted treatments like Vanquish, book a consultation at Parmar Aesthetics. Treatment times and sessions required depend on the area to be treated, and you will have your experience with Vanquish tailored specifically to your needs.