Speaking exclusively with The Harley Street Journal, Saskia Hawkins, Export Manager & Director of Deleo Medical UK discusses launching Deleo into the UK and what the future looks like for the company.

How long have you worked for Deleo and what does your role entail? 

I have been working with Deleo for nearly 4 years now. My role consists of managing our export division as we have a strong distribution strategy. I am also the Director of our subsidiary company, Deleo Medical LTD that we have just recently opened up in the UK. 

How have you seen trends shift over the years regarding body sculpting?

Well, the trends have evolved frequently over the past few years. To be honest, Covid has impacted the industry and people’s mind-set regarding body shaping/body sculpting. 

Everyone has heard of the ‘Zoom’ effect, which has led to individuals being on video more, seeing themselves on screen, and leading largely sedentary lifestyles. This has been a boom for the non-invasive procedures that we manufacture specifically, as people have had the time to consider alternative procedures to surgery.

How does Deleo stay ahead of the curve in terms of innovation and design?

Deleo is a company with innovation at its heart. We are dedicated completely to research and development, in order to provide clinics and patients with cutting edge treatment options. 

We have a team of 10 engineers, each with a specific background such as, biomedical, electrical and mechanical. 20% of our employers are dedicated to research and development, and we also make a point of patenting our technology core innovations. 

We launch a new discovery, nearly every year! 

What makes Deleo’s body layering concept so effective, and what can it be used to treat?

The Cristal body layering concept has been created to offer a global and tailor-made approach for the patients body. It consists of 3 advanced technologies: medical cryolipolysis, with our ‘Cristal Pro’ device to treat the fat, electromagnetic fields with ‘Cristal Fit’ to treat the muscle, and multipolar radio frequencies using ‘Cristal Skin’ to treat the skin. 

The reason why this concept is effective is because it adapts to each patient and their needs. The doctors will be able to establish a personalised treatment plan to offer holistic and safe support. 

Since conception, the body-layering concept is doing incredibly well worldwide, which countries is it most popular in and why? 

Yes, you’re right – Cristal body layering is doing incredibly well worldwide. Since it’s launch, it’s actually been on a world tour. From Monaco to Berlin, Vienna to London, Dubai through to Columbia, and back around through Ukraine and Poland. 

Raising awareness and informing all populations of this revolutionary concept is our aim. As we are market leaders in Europe, Cristal body layering has naturally had the biggest success over this continent. 

Why have the company decided to launch into the UK market?

Now, that’s an easy question really. We have been present in the UK for the past 5 years, but remotely. Some of the greatest and well-known doctors work with our devices such as, Dr Rita Rakus, Dr Taimur Shoaib, Dr Kat, Dr John Curran and Dr Dev Patel. 

We have identified that the UK market is booming for new technologies, loves innovation, and mostly has great scientific standards. Our aesthetic medical devices meet the premium standards that UK clinics and surgeons are looking for and expect to have, to treat their patients. 

How do you intend to showcase your product within the UK?

We are expecting to showcase this concept through many events but also, thanks to our key partners that I have mentioned before, they will help us lay the foundations to develop Deleo’s brand name and recognition with a long-term strategy. 

Will Deleo be attending any UK trade shows? If so, which?

Of course – we are very much excited to be at ACE in March. After 2 years of events being postponed, finally being able to showcase our brand and devices is fantastic. This does not only apply to Deleo – this is true for any company or manufacturer that wants to be at the events to share their innovations and news with the industry. This will be the event where we officially announce the arrival of Deleo in the UK. 

We will also be attending FACE in June and CCR in October. But, Deleo also takes part in major International events, such as, MCAS paris AMWC Monaco, where I am sure we will have the joy to meet many more UK doctors.

How has the reception been so far within the UK regarding the body layering concept? 

The feedback has been very positive, constructive and promising. The UK audience has been very interested in discovering more about Cristal body layering. They adhere to our values of ensuring patient safety, by offering cutting edge technologies in aesthetic medicine to obtain satisfied results. 

How will you overcome the effects following the Covid-19 pandemic to launch successfully in the UK?

The UK is one of the first countries to have lifted restrictions and is now the population to retrieve their normal lifestyle. This is definitely great for clinics that will see their appointment agendas being booked up. 

Also, as the world has been kept confined – partially, or totally – for 2 and a half years with the chance now to ‘free’ again just reinforces the fact that people want to live, try new things and discover what’s new. 

Now is the best moment to come out with introducing Deleo to the UK, along with our innovative concept. 

What can we expect from Deleo in the next few years regarding device launches and expansion? 

All I can say for now is that we have been very busy during Covid. Our engineers have had plenty of time to work on new technological advancements and this year we will have a lot to share. I could give you a little hint to get…

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