Michael Hands, UK Sales Representative for Deleo UK joins us at The Harley Street Journal to explain why clinics should consider investing in Deleo’s body layering concept. 

What is your role within the UK Deleo team and what does it entail?

I have recently been employed as the UK Sales Representative for Deleo, which involves me focusing on bringing in new business and supporting our current client base as much as possible. 

What makes the body layering concept so different to other devices on the market?

I think it is the approach of combining three treatments that complement each other so well. Not only are you getting rid of unwanted stubborn fat, but you are toning and tightening the skin – this offers your body natural results, which are the same as a year of exercising and dieting. 

It also appeals to everyone. So whether you’re struggling with stubborn fat, or you’re an avid gym goer looking to tone the muscles further – you can do both! It’s revolutionary really. 

What innovative technologies are used to create the concept which sets it apart from other devices on the market?

The Cristal body layering concept has been created to offer a global and tailor-made approach for the body of your patients. These 3 synergistic and non-invasive technologies treat 3 layers of the body: the dermis, the hypodermis and the muscle. 

The Cristal Pro has features that are unparalleled to anything that is available on the market, and the Deleo engineers have done an amazing job. 

From a consumer perspective – and business perspective – having four different applicators working simultaneously helps with saving time and increasing optimal ergonomics for patient comfort. In addition, the applicators allow for homogeneous cooling down to -12°C thanks to patented cooling system – Cavity Cooling Diffusion System™ technology.

The Cristal Fit has the highest tesla on the market and the Cristal Skin has 3 size variety applicators to treat various areas of the body. These are just a few to name and all of the innovations are created with the consumer at front of mind.

Why should clinics invest in the body layering concept?

If they want to have the most advanced devices on the market that cater for different body types, it’s a no brainer. 

Deleo may be new to the UK but they have been the leading manufacturer of aesthetic devices in Europe for the last 11 years, and you don’t get there by not having the best products on the market. 

Can you tell me a little bit more about the three-step treatment?

Sure, the first step of the process is the cryolipolysis treatment, which is also known as fat freezing. This treatment is performed by initially freezing the fat cells – this essentially kills and drains them through the lymphatic system over the course of the next 12 weeks. 

The second stage of the body layering concept is the Cristal Fit, which focuses on toning the muscles through electromagnetic pulses, causing muscle contractions. 

The third and final step is the Cristal Skin that is a multipolar radiofrequency that is used to treat skin laxity, or saggy skin. 

How does the three-step approach affect patient outcomes?

Besides the fact that they are left feeling a lot happier and more confident about their physical attributes, it also has a positive effect on their wellbeing and mindset. 

Is the treatment more cost effective for businesses?

With the right patient recruitment in place, clinics can pay off the devices in 6 months – and when I say the right patient recruitment, I mean a couple of treatments a week. 

I understand that safety and efficacy is at the core of everything Deleo does – do clinics receive training upon purchasing the concept? If so, what does this entail?

Of course! Training is given to all clients who purchase a Deleo device. It is an extremely important part of our process as it helps educate the doctors and the therapists on the device. 

All our devices have pre-registered protocols to help guide the therapists during the treatments too and emergency buttons on all the devices in case anything does go wrong. 

Training is also available at any time for the clinics if they get a new therapist or just want a bit of a refresh.

What would you tell anyone who is interested in purchasing?

It’s an investment that cannot only make money for your business but one that has a proven track record of over 90% patient satisfaction and patient retention. The results are remarkable and the non-invasive aesthetics sector is only going to get more popular as the technology develops.

If you’re looking for a medical aesthetic supplier of leading technologies, check out Deleo.