By Mr Ash Mosahebi, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Spire Bushey Hospital

Cosmetic surgery industry is getting a fresh look.

The cosmetic market in UK is expected to continue to grow in spite of the recent economic downturn. However, the industry has had its share of controversy with PIP implants and lack of regulation in both surgical and non-surgical treatments resulting in an independent review to improve the poor practices. This has lead to extensive work by Health Education England in standardising the qualification of the practitioner in non-surgical treatments and similar work by the Royal College of Surgeons for surgical treatments as well improving patient information.

Furthermore the industry has been tarnished by special offers, deals and pressure sales with incentivisation. The media has also played a part with numerous television shows and celebrity articles trivialising cosmetic surgery as well as giving rise to unrealistic expectations. The public could get an impression that getting a facelift is akin to having your room redecorated!

iStock_000010195246_LargeThe tide is now turning and there is more publicity about the negative side of plastic surgery to balance the over optimistic impression often given in the media and emphasis on the importance of selecting appropriate surgeon and facility.

Patients want fresh and natural look
The overdone look of many cosmetic surgery patients and the stereotypical massive breasts and lips are thankfully becoming a less desirable, and most ethical plastic surgeons are refusing to carry out such requests. Patients commonly request to look natural and in fact don’t want friends and family to guess they have had something done, compared with what has traditionally been a status symbol and something patients have in the past, wanted to show off.

Large breast implants that go out of shape and become large blobs, rather than giving women confidence, are now uncommonly used. Smaller procedures with more subtle effects and less downtime are the current trend. A patient’s own fat can be used to re-shape and recontour parts of the body without resorting to fillers and implants, which has a subtler outcome.

With increasing popularity and growth of cosmetic procedures, there is no doubt that a fresh approach to the cosmetic surgery industry was needed. Steps are being taken by reputable practitioners to give a safe, natural and fresh look to patients seeking cosmetic procedures.

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