John Bannon Pharmacy is thrilled to announce it has adopted a new skincare range – Universkin – into the business for 2021. 

Universkin is a globally recognised brand, created by health care professionals, for health care professionals. With a potent serum base, 19 active ingredients that create 1.8 million combinations, this prescriptive skincare range provides a bespoke solution to treat all individual skin types.

Each client’s unique formulation is created via an in-clinic app, which helps the clinician to individually tailor the serums to suit exactly the patient’s individual needs. Universkin provides the clinician with a bespoke skincare range, yet still allows clinicians to help patients in current lockdown restrictions.

If we learned one lesson during lockdown, it was just how much we had neglected our skincare, and we have been reminded all too often, with the expansion of on-line, virtual calling that our faces and skin need care and investment. In 2020 skincare purchases rose substantially, and the “zoom face” was a recognised condition, making now the perfect time to launch Universkin to the UK market.

Andy Pickin at John Bannon Pharmacy says: 

“2021 is a year full of opportunities – no longer can we stand still and wait for change. We must make our own change and expand and seize the new opportunities that present.  We want to work closely in partnership with our customers to support their business growth, and Universkin is a great step forward.

“We all know 2020 was more than challenging, but we have learned how to better help our customers by providing bespoke services and a close partnership that will benefit both customer and patients alike. By offering this service we believe we can help clinics to enter the skincare world with minimal up-front costs and a bespoke delivery service. Life made easy, which is something we all want this year!”

As well as targeting the aesthetics industry and offering competitive prices, the John Bannon team is committed to expanding the exposure of Universkin and so will also be engaging the end users too with a national PR drives. 

Andy says: 

“The goal here is to engage the UK audience in the buying cycle for bespoke skincare treatments while clinics remain hindered in their ability to perform treatments and face to face consultations. Engaging consumers will drive them through to the industry, where our service offers HCPs the ability to support their patients with skincare and a complete ‘closed loop’ revenue opportunity.”

John Bannon Pharmacy will be running online training and hosting workshops in the coming months to engage and educate clinic owners. To register for the latest event please sign up here

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