A clinic in Wales is helping women suffering with intimate health concerns after having children – most commonly urinary incontinence.

The ME Clinic in Cardiff is offering Shelase to women who find their post-partum health is causing them to feel insecure. 

It’s a medical treatment, not a cosmetic treatment. 

Shelase is a 10 minute treatment that can help to ease vaginal atrophy symptoms such as incontinence or painful intercourse. It costs just £300 and the results are long lasting. 

Childbirth is transformative event for any women with the result of the vagina naturally changing. Post child birth physical changes can occur in a women’s body like dryness, discomfort, laxity and more commonly involuntary urine loss. 

Shelase can provide a treatment to women post child birth by strengthening the vaginal tissue, stimulating natural collagen production for the contraction of elastin fibres. It also restores vaginal natural PH balance to improve the vaginal atrophy symptoms.

As well as these issues, stress urinary incontinence (SUI) can play a factor in how you feel about your body after having a baby. Shelase is a non invasive treatment to improve the symptoms of this condition. It’s entirely non invasive and helps to prevent embarrassing and unwanted urinary leaks.

Improves symptoms with child birth

Shelase can help to improve the vaginal canal strength for women who have had children.

Prevents involuntary urine loss

Treatment with Shelase can help to prevent unwanted urine loss as a result of exercise or sneezing.

Improves mental wellbeing

Helps to transform the way you feel about your body, including a restored sense of wellbeing.

While many women report improvements after one session, sometimes a course is required. A consultation is needed to ascertain what level of treatment with Shelase you require. Treatments can take as little as 10 minutes.

Shelase is a non invasive treatment for the symptoms of vaginal atrophy as a result of childbirth or the menopause. Unlike alternative laser treatments, this revolutionary device harnesses the power of mixed technology to rejuvenate the health of the vagina.

For more information visit www.shelase.co.uk