By Rosie Wilson

BAPRAS has issued advice that breast augmentation patients be aware of the risk of developing Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL), and factor it into their decisions before pursuing surgery. The statement comes after a study was published by the French National Cancer Institute, which reports a small risk between textured breast implants and contracting ALCL.

Nigel Mercer, BAPRAS President and Consultant Plastic Surgeon, said:

“ALCL is a very rare condition but we appreciate there will be patients with implants who will want to seek advice and reassurance from their GPs and surgeons.

“It is the responsibility of the operating surgeon to ensure that the patient is told verbally and in writing of the risk of ALCL before the procedure so they can make a fully informed decision before going ahead.

“BAPRAS continues to advise that any women with breast implants who experience any sudden unexplained changes, lumps or swelling should speak to their GP or their surgeon urgently. However, we maintain that until any further evidence is presented there is no need to remove breast implants as a matter of course.”