German manufacturer Asclepion is pleased to present its new triple wavelength laser, the NeXT Pro. The advanced system offers hair removal, vascular improvements, acne treatment and skin rejuvenation, and is the fastest system on the market, treating a whole back for hair removal in under four minutes.

The system boasts the world’s largest spotsize (34x22mm) for advanced treatment rates, a two year guarantee and no consumables. It’s the smallest and most lightweight high power system, weighing just 35kg while providing 2400 watts, to provide ease of use for practitioners.

The NeXT PRO treats all skin types, and thanks to the integrated skin cooling technology, combined with a SMOOTHPULSE mode that offers a 12 shot per second repetition rate, the system is genuinely pain free with unrivalled patient comfort.

UK distributor for Asclepion lasers, Nick Fitrzyk, said:

“The new NeXT PRO offers an unrivalled specification compared to other hair removal systems with 810nm, 755nm and 940nm in one platform. With the largest spot size currently available, an unlimited shot count, as well as the world’s first diode Alex 755nm handpiece, Asclepion continue to develop the highest spec lasers on the market with the lowest running costs, the longest warranties and German build quality.”

For more information on the NeXT Pro, including distribution, please contact Carleton Medical on 01633 838081 or email Nick Fitrzyk on