When it comes to any plastic surgery, finding the right plastic surgeon is incredibly important. Not only are you trusting your appearance and health with someone, but it can also be a costly mistake to fix if something goes wrong.

With many people now looking abroad to keep costs down, this has led to the NHS and private clinics increasingly fixing issues that went wrong due to surgery performed by ‘specialists’ that lacked the proper training.

With rhinoplasty, it is important to find a specialist to perform the surgery. The nose is a complex and delicate body part and poor surgery can be difficult to fix.


Firstly, rhinoplasty is a complex surgical procedure that requires specialised knowledge and skills. A good plastic surgeon will have extensive experience in performing rhinoplasty surgeries and will have a deep understanding of the anatomy and function of the nose. This expertise is essential in achieving a successful outcome and minimising the risk of complications.

Secondly, the nose is a prominent feature on the face, and any changes made during rhinoplasty will have a significant impact on a person’s appearance. A good surgeon will have an artistic eye and will work closely with the patient to understand their goals and achieve a natural-looking result that is in proportion with the rest of the face.

Thirdly, rhinoplasty can have a profound impact on a person’s breathing and overall quality of life. A good surgeon will not only focus on the aesthetic aspect of the procedure, but also on ensuring that the patient’s nasal function is optimised.

Lastly, rhinoplasty is a major surgery that involves anaesthesia and carries some degree of risk. A good surgeon will prioritise patient safety and take all necessary precautions to minimise the risk of complications.

In summary, finding a good rhinoplasty surgeon is important to ensure a successful outcome that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, while minimising the risk of complications.


If you’re looking for the best nose job surgeon in LondonDr Amir Sadri can help.

Amir is widely published with over 40 peer-reviewed papers on an extensive range of plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery. He has presented work internationally in Europe and the USA.

He is a specialist in facial surgery and rhinoplasty surgery and is also a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Great Ormond Street Hospital. This involves the reconstruction of children with cleft lip and palate and vascular anomalies. His cosmetic practice includes all aspects of aesthetic surgery, but his particular interest is in rhinoplasty and facial aesthetic surgery.

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