What is it?cynosureaffirm

The Affirm laser reduces wrinkles and aids skin resurfacing.

What treatment/s is it for?

Skin Resurfacing, Energy Assisted Skin Rejuvenation, Energy Assisted Skin Tightening, Energy Assisted  

What does it do?

The Affirm Anti-Aging Workstation offers wrinkle reduction, scar treatment, pigmentation and redness reduction; age spot treatment, facial rejuvenation and coagulation of tissue resulting in tighter skin for overall younger looking skin.

By uniquely combining three leading-edge technologies, the Affirm offers you a total skin rejuvenation system that targets all layers of photo damaged and aged skin. Using 1440-nm CAP technology, the Affirm targets superficial layers of photo damaged tissue. By delivering approximately 1,000 diffractive micro-pulses in a 10-mm spot, CAP technology provides greater pattern density and requires fewer passes over a given area than competitive offerings, resulting in significantly faster treatment sessions.

The absence of pre-treatment topical dyes also results in faster sessions. Affirm offers a complete skin rejuvenation solution that provides better and faster results with less pain than any other available product.