cynosureacclaimWhat is it?

A high powered laser for hair removal, vascular lesions, facial and leg veins and facial rejuvenation.

What treatment/s is it for?

Hair ReductionEnergy Assisted Vein TreatmentsEnergy Assisted Skin Resurfacing

What does it do?

A high-powered Nd:YAG laser, the Acclaim treats all skin types and is particularly effective at removing hair on darker skin types and tanned skin. It is also the treatment of choice for spider veins on the legs and face.

The Acclaim promotes healthier looking skin and improves the appearance of sun-damaged skin. Specifically, Acclaim is useful in reducing diffuse redness (the blush of rosacea) and minor facial veins. With spot sizes that range from 1.5 mm to 15 mm, the Cynosure Acclaim system is flexible enough to handle a variety of skin treatments. Even though this hair removal and spider vein treatment laser is remarkably fast, powerful and efficient, it has also earned high marks for safety and comfort.

The Acclaim 7000 is the treatment of choice for a variety of vessels. Effective treatment of facial and leg telangiectasias (up to 3 mm) and successfully treats a wide variety of vascular lesions. Selectable laser parameters and spot sizes allow for a targeted approach to all veins. Patients can expect a small amount of redness and swelling, but this will reduce quickly. There is very little to no risk of scarring from treatments using Acclaim.