By Rosie Wilson

Dermal fillers were the most performed non-surgical treatment last year, while thread lifts showed the most growth.

According to the research conducted by, the number of enquiries for thread lifts had grown by 1165% compared to 2013. Silhouette Lift ranked second at 633% growth, followed by fat reduction injections, which grew in demand by 518%. Vein stripping (400%), lipodissolve (203%), non-surgical nose jobs (170%) and lip augmentation (158%) were also on the list.

12794953_xxlAfter most popular treatment dermal fillers, the most performed treatments include mole removal, lip augmentation and spider vein removal.

Collagen fillers, Teosyal fillers and fat fillers were all on the list of least requested treatments for 2014.
Cheek augmentation, chin augmentation and ReCell all had 0% growth in enquiries between 2013 and 2014.
Carboxytherapy was the only treatment to appear on two lists; the most growth and least requested.

Emily Ross, the director of, said: “This year has seen some exciting new treatments come to market, which are already driving interest with patients looking for non-surgical alternatives.”

She went on to advise patients: “A sensible question to ask your practitioner is how many patients they have performed this particular treatment on, and how many they do per week – as frequent practice really does make perfect. Make sure you have realistic expectations of the results and read patient reviews on sites to get independent opinions.”