By Laura Casewell

miraDry®, the latest in-clinic advanced permanent solution for underarm sweat and the treatment of Hyperhidrosis, conducted a poll of 2,000 UK office workers to find out the truth about work colleagues. Body odour came out on top as the most unwelcome smell at 54%, followed by the smell of cigarettes at 35% and bad breath at 26%.

Over 52% of those polled said that they have felt self-conscious about their under arm sweat and odour and nearly a quarter revealed that they felt they sweated more than the average person with 23% admitting that they’d love to know about a simple treatment that would halt under arm sweat

Dr Tapan Patel of London’s PHI Clinic said: “The stress of modern life means that many people find themselves in situations where excessive sweating is unavoidable. It is estimated over 1 million people in the UK suffer from hyperhidrosis and for them, the problem is all year round.”

However, sweat is a subject that many shy away from, fearing embarrassment, and too many suffer in silence. For those with Hyperhidrosis it is a daily dose of inconvenience, anxiety and distress.

“Nearly a quarter of those questioned long to learn of a simple solution to halt their underarm sweat. Until recently there has been no long-lasting treatment to address this. However, this all changed with the launch of miraDry®, which is recognised by the International Hyperhidrosis Society,” Dr Patel concludes.

miraDry® is the first and only FDA-cleared and CE marked device for the long-lasting treatment of underarm perspiration. A quick, non-invasive treatment that eliminates sweat glands safely