A top aesthetic product and device company is now distributing Spanish skincare brand, TOSKANI Cosmetics, in the UK.

Vida Aesthetics is delighted to announce its partnership with TOSKANI Cosmetics, Director Eddy Emilio has revealed.

anti ageing cocktailIncluding a wide portfolio of products, the TOSKANI Cosmetics range includes high-end cosmeceutical skincare, anti-ageing cocktails and skin peels and is available for in-clinic use now.

Eddy Emilio says:

“Vida Aesthetics is delighted to be offering this fantastic range of skincare to our customers. TOSKANI Cosmetics are leading medical aesthetic products which are proven to take care of the skin cells and improve and maintain the skin’s quality. With the best technology behind these innovative products, designed to offer users the best protocols for maximum results, all TOSKANI Cosmetics are backed by science, making them a proud addition to our portfolio.” 

The ethos of TOSKANI Cosmetics is in understanding ‘health’ as a global concept with every human being needing to be wholly healthy; the concept of overall health and happiness means an integration of the body, mind and soul.

Eddy concludes:

“Taking ‘health’ as a holistic approach, TOSKANI Cosmetics are designed to help clients feel comfortable and happy with their appearance; whether that’s by having the healthiest skin or the strongest hair possible. We expect the range to be one of our most popular skincare and cosmetic offerings for 2017, without a doubt.”

TOSKANI Cosmetics are available from Vida Aesthetics now.