By Laura Casewell

A reported rise in the number of women undergoing non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments – like energy assisted skin tightening and neck Botox – is down to a new phenomenon called ‘Phone Face’, according to experts.

Leading aesthetic gurus believe the nation’s love of their smart phones is behind the sharp increase in women opting for facial rejuvenation treatments, as patients flock to correct the damage caused by looking down at their devices – often for hours at a time.

8193012_xlConstant texting, flirting on Tinder, checking Facebook and playing popular games like Candy Crush have all been attributed to the rise in women seeking rejuvenation treatments to improve the look of the lower face and neck.

“We’re inundated with patients turning to non-invasive treatments like Botox and Exilis skin tightening in the hopes of correcting the effects of ‘phone face’ or mobile overuse,” explains Dr Lamia Eltohamy, a facial rejuvenation expert from Cavendish Clinic & Medispa in London.

“Every week we are visited by patients hoping to erase the neck creases they’ve developed as a result of spending so much time on device like iPhones and Kindles,” she says. “Many of them blame dating apps like Tinder which some love-struck clients have told us they spend hours a day on!”

“Our patients know where the lines have come from, but would rather seek treatment than give up using their technology. Luckily there are various facial rejuvenation options that can help, without breaking the bank or the skin!”

The clinic – which also reports the number of women opting for non-surgical anti-wrinkle treatments has TREBLED since this time last year – believes the rise shows that patients would rather adapt with their technology rather than lose it, and are therefore making the most of what they have with the most advanced treatments available.

“We have patients coming to us now from all over the UK in search of the best treatments for natural looking answers to 21st century problems. The days of wind tunnel-esq facelifts to lift the skin on the face are long gone, and we’ve entered into an age where looking youthful is more desirable than younger,” Dr Eltohamy further explains.

“With so many outstanding energy-assisted devices like Exilis now available, not to mention advanced training in injectables like Botox ensuring more natural results, patients can fix these modern world issues without the cost and risk associated with traditional cosmetic procedures.”

Non-surgical body sculpting treatments have been gaining in popularity, with aesthetics publication The Harley Street Journal recently reporting a 54% increase in patients choosing energy-assisted treatments over surgery since 2012.