As we leave the pandemic behind, there’s no doubt the aesthetics industry is thriving. As well as the perhaps unsurprising boom in treatments for facial rejuvenation, clinics are reporting a rise in laser tattoo removal treatments. 

A recent report noted 89 per cent of the beauty and aesthetics industry have experienced more demand for treatments with tattoo removal being high on the list, particularly for millennials. It’s now thought 1 in 9 people here in the UK have chosen to remove an unwanted tattoo and the motivations for patients seeking out laser tattoo removal treatments vary. 

The top reasons why patients are heading to clinics and salons to erase artwork on the skin include having body art and regretting it, worrying tattoos will prevent them from getting a job, and ‘fading’ a current design in order to cover the area with a new tattoo. 

John Culbert at Cambridge Stratum says the demand for laser tattoo removal devices post-pandemic shows there’s a real drive for clinics to provide effective treatments that can breakdown stubborn ink in record time. 

He says: “With the increased demand from patients seeking tattoo removal treatments, in turn we’re seeing that reflected in clinics and salons choosing to invest in quality tattoo removal lasers.” 

“We’ve noticed the demand for laser tattoo removal devices increase significantly in recent months, particularly those looking to invest in state of the art picosecond technology. Currently our most popular device, the Stratum Pico 300, is making waves within the industry because it offers both value and outstanding results.”

While there has been much discussion about the cost effectiveness of choosing a picosecond tattoo removal laser over the widely used nanosecond devices, with the Pico 300 and Pico 500 devices practitioners and HCPs can affordably offer tattoo removal, pigmented lesion removal and even skin rejuvenation all with one device. 

John says: “Making picosecond laser mainstream by being more affordable, Cambridge Stratum is leading the charge when it comes to revolutionising the way we remove tattoos. In what is a mostly unregulated aesthetics market, providing quality high performance technology that’s way more effective than a typical nanosecond laser but built for safety is what sets the Pico 300 apart from the competition.”

Offering up to 16x more power for the same fluence as a 5ns Q switch laser is as close to the optimum for a tattoo removal laser and represents the current laser in state of the art technology in this field. 

Key benefits of the Pico 300 include:

  • produces a power output 1,600% higher than any 5ns laser at the same fluence
  • the breaking down of smaller particles meaning better clearance of the tattoo
  • stronger photo acoustic and photothermal effects that can shatter particles of any colour
  • build quality of this high performance machine is second to none and is fully backed by the Cambridge Stratum 3 year warranty.

Operating the Stratum Pico 300 could not be easier with a clear and uncluttered Android touch screen that displays the current status of the machine settings including the spot size in use, wavelength is use, energy, fluence and pulse rate. All of these parameters are detected directly by the machine and reduce the risk of operator errors from occurring.

The additional 20x diffraction array lens also turns the Stratum Pico 300 into a multi-function platform for skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation.

Lou Sommeroux, Clinic Director at Cosmetic Clinic in Cambridge, has reported a rise in patients seeking out treatments to remove unwanted body art, with many seeking to remove name tattoos. She uses the Pico 300 and says:

“Patients have a variety of reasons for choosing to undergo treatment to remove unwanted body art; from poor design to fading the tattoo down for a different design to go over the top”

“For a long time some patients have thought that they were ineligible for laser tattoo removal because they has coloured body art which less powerful devices couldn’t breakdown, but with the Pico 300 we can breakdown all colours on any skin type.”

More information about Cambridge Stratum and Pico 300 can be found here.