10177840_xxlCynosure’s new FDA-cleared RevLite laser is the latest market-leader for skin lightening and treating difficult skin conditions including acne and acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and melasma. RevLite offers faster treatment times and 60% more power than its laser predecessors, with minimal downtime for all skin types.

Innovative PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse results in less trauma to skin’s surface. Proprietary PhotoAcoustic action forces energy at such a high rate that molecules in the skin vibrate and shatter. This PhotoAcoustic action is worlds apart from the more traditional photothermal effect that ordinary laser systems use; resulting in minimal damage to the skin’s epidermal layer.

How does RevLite work?

The revolutionary Q-switched technology uses a pulsed beam of light and optimum power to shatter dark skin particles, which are gradually removed by the body’s natural processes. The machine’s flattop beam distributes the energy evenly over the problematic skin area or dark pigmentation encouraging it to fade and disappear over time. The energy pulsed (one billionth of a second) through the skin is faster than the relaxation time of the healthy tissue, thus minimising redness and recovery time. In fact, the pulse is so fast it provides safe and effective results even if the pigmentation has existed for decades, leaving the skin healthy and rejuvenated.

Award-winning, proven technology treats even stubborn tattoos with virtually no risk of scarring or changes to skin pigment. This versatile laser can also be used to treat birthmarks, sun damage, freckling and brown spots.

Anti-ageing Maintenance with RevLite

RevLite is the safest, fastest and most effective method for skin rejuvenation, either as a one-off treatment or as part of an on-going Anti-ageing Maintenance regime. The machine’s PhotoAcoustic shockwaves reorder the skin’s collagen into a group of collagen fibres, tightening skin and encouraging it to repair and rejuvenate itself, with no downtime.

A recent clinical study of patients treated with RevLite over 6 bi-weekly sessions, demonstrated impressive results in improving the depth and number of wrinkles, appearance of pores, number of whiteheads and skin laxity.

Cynosure’s RevLite is the latest champion in skin rejuvenation and is available at the Angel Laser Clinic. Visit www.angellaserclinic.co.uk for more information.