The UK’s leading medical aesthetics event, CCR London, returned with a bang this week; reuniting the industry after a two year hiatus due to the pandemic.  

The team at The Harley Street Journal had the pleasure of attending a trend talk, hosted by Shannon Kilgariff of Aesthetics Journal and Francesca White of Tatler who were joined by two leading aesthetics nurses, and a plastic surgeon. From lip treatments to radiofrequency micro needling, we learnt a great deal about what trends are predicted to emerge over the coming months and years.  

The first topic of discussion was derma fillers. As less social stigma is now being associated with derma fillers, experts have seen a rise in treatment and demand. While derma fillers have evolved over time, people’s expectations are also increasing. The need for having derma fillers that are longer lasting, safe and improve quality of skin has never been more prevalent. 

The experts added that there is a real shift happening with injectables; with individuals opting for more ‘natural’ aesthetics as opposed to obvious changes in appearance. With the improvement of fillers, people can now achieve incredibly natural results.  

Echoing the previous point regarding natural aesthetics, Dr. Swift, Plastic Surgeon, commented on lip treatment trends, saying: “the pendulum is swinging back to ‘normal’ again. People are starting to really understand that there is an ideal proportion for the lip”.  

Another topic of discussion was regarding a robot dispensing injecting machine that offers precision and complete accuracy while delivering injectables to patients. The hosts asked the experts their thoughts on this new device and what it would mean for them. Dr. Natalie, leading aesthetics nurse, commented: “anything that aids the injector has got to be a good thing. The idea that we could have a truly precise method of delivery is fantastic. From an injectors point of view, it has a place in this virgin market.” While there is no doubt of the accuracy amongst injectors, the device would certainly ensure that treatment would be standardised across the board.

The launch of Profhilo Body also raised a few questions across the panel with one being, how the launch will ‘up’ the bar with skin boosters. It was said that people are becoming increasingly aware about other areas of the body, aside from the face, which are affected by UV damage. Having specific filler for the body will aid in hydrating and stimulating collagen production, leaving the body firmer, more plump and rejuvenated. 

Another launch in skincare, GetHarley, brought up the conversation on new, game changing topicals, personalised skincare and virtual consultations. Dr Natalie commented: ”there is a place for virtual, but there is no replacing face to face consultations. I love personal contact and the rapport you can get from face to face meetings – in person care is what I thrive upon.” Dr. Natalie then went on to add: “personalised skincare is really exciting – our skin is a factor of our genetics, gender, DNA and everything.” While it was agreed that technology is not quite there yet regarding personalised skincare, but it is something to appear in the future. 

Moving on, the panel brought up the commonly discussed debate of ‘will cosmeceuticals ever replace injectables?’. Dr. Swift commented that the largest issue with skincare is the penetration aspect. With that being said, very interesting developments such as microneedling are coming up where it can deliver products to the skin at the level needed to make a real difference. 

This then leads us on to radio frequency microneedling and how technology has evolved. Dr. Natalie commented: “With radio frequency microneedling, you can see an individuals’ skin actively behave differently.” While microneedling has been around a while, developments have meant boundaries can be pushed further and safety precautions are maximised. 

One of the last developments to emerge during the talk was regarding the release of the Erchonia Emerald Laser, which revolutionises the way in which we approach the future of body sculpting. Traditional body sculpting involves killing fat cells; however The Emerald Laser works by shrinking fat cells by using specific wavelengths of harmless light energy. By placing energy into the fat cell, liquid is extracted outside of the cell, providing energy for the individual to use and burn off. Dr Natalie commented: “as long as patients are willing to start moving their body and utilising that energy that is now outside of fat cell, they will start losing weight in a really healthy manner.” This is a real game changer with body sculpting as it can fundamentally change a person’s life by implementing good lifestyle habits whilst still achieving the goal of weight loss.