This issue The Harley Street Journal asks Eddy Emilio, Director of Vida Aesthetics, the 5 important questions you want answering.

When and how did you launch Vida Aesthetics?

Vida Aesthetics was launched in January 2013. I had recently moved to the UK and was looking to start a business to help me continue a career in the beauty and aesthetics industry I had enjoyed for the past ten years.

The industry is highly comparative. What makes the company successful?

I believe our philosophy of seeking out innovative products, collaborating with world opinion leaders, creating tremendous courses and providing exemplary service and support is key to the continued success and growth of the company.

Do you agree investment at ground level with a versatile team is the key to developing a strong brand?

We have a mix of experience and youth in the team which brings stability as well as fresh thinking to the table. The business is the priority and all have a stake and a role to play in its development.

What advice would you give to smaller companies looking to make their mark in the aesthetic industry?

Find a unique product and market the hell out of it. Listen to your clients and promote your brand and product range whenever you can. You could have the finest, most effective products in the market but unless anyone knows about them, sales will be a challenge. Professional help in PR and Marketing can be extremely useful to get your messages to where they can be most effective in raising awareness. Awareness leads to sales and business growth.

The industry is always quickly evolving; how do you see Vida Aesthetics developing or changing in the next 5 years?

I see Vida Aesthetics continuing to grow to take its place amongst the industry leaders. With diligent attention to the quality and wellbeing of the people we employ, along with a continued introduction of innovative products, dedication to our clients and increased awareness of market influences, I see a bright future for Vida Aesthetics.

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