The time has come to say goodbye to uncomfortable fat reduction treatments that claim to freeze flab away.

The ice age is finally over say experts, as non-surgical body contouring treatments harnessing the power of HEAT are set to take over the aesthetic landscape.

Reducing stubborn fat in areas such as the abdomen, the size, the buttocks and the arms has always been considered a tricky and often and painful form of cosmetic treatment. However, now outdated surgical fat removal procedures such as liposuction, and energy assisted treatments relying on freezing fat have proven to hold limited long term results, the new era of body reshaping is heating up.

Treatments such as BTL Vanquish ME are harnessing the deep penetrating benefits of radio frequency energy to heat instead of freeze fat, providing a pain free and effective solution to stubborn pockets of fat and cellulite.

Unlike its predecessors, the non invasive fat remodelling treatment blasts unwanted fatty tissues with a unique combination of radio frequency and ultra sound energy designed to contour the body at a cellular level.

And the most innovative technological advantage of this specific treatment?

The device doesn’t ever touch the skin. 

The contactless nature of BTL Vanquish ME (pictured, right) means that as well as an effective treatment offering long-term body contouring results, patients can be certain of a one of a kind treatment experience which is both painless and comfortable.

Why go thermal? 

For many years’ men and women have been told that freezing unwanted fat was the most effective form of non-surgical body shaping, but according to a recent report by a top UK safety organisation using super low temperatures can actually stimulate fat growth.

During the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) annual meeting this month, it was revealed that Cryolipolysis has now been linked to 473 incidents of a condition called paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH) which causes large groups of fat cells to grow.

Unlike Cryolipolysis treatments, heat-based body contouring treatments such as BTL Vanquish ME destroy the fat without damaging the skin, encouraging the body to expel the unwanted fat cells as waste from the body naturally.

vanessaSending the powerful – yet invisible – thermal energy directly to the problem area, BTL Vanquish ME allows cosmetic doctors to target precise areas which may have proved impossible to treat previously. Treatment times start from just 15 minutes, and a pleasant warming sensation is all patients will feel during their relaxing session.

Miss. Vanessa Bird, an aesthetic expert and specialist in body contouring, says the new wave of technology available in UK clinics is proving more popular than ever.

“Things are really heating up in the world of aesthetics, that’s for sure. Gone are the days of traditional (and painful) surgical fat removal procedures like lipo, and it appears the so called ‘ice age’ is finally over too,” Vanessa (pictured, left) says.

“Offering painless, quick and effective treatments, men and women seeking non-surgical body contouring and fat remodelling are waking up to the new generation of cosmetic treatments. Heat energy is now proven to be the most reliable method of toning the body, and looks set to be a top aesthetic trend in clinics up and down the country for 2017.”


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