By Rosie Wilson

Syneron’s cellulite treatment with Vellashape III is now available.

iStock_000007999573LargeThe new Velashape III VSmooth Cellulite Treatment has 50% more power than its predecessors, and is already being back by prominent medical practitioners including Dr. Tapan Patel from the PHI Clinic, Harley Street.

The handheld cellulite solution uses Bi-polar radio frequency to heat tissue from 2mm – 20mm to increase circulation, combined with infrared light which stimulates collagen growth up to 3mm depth.

The RF power has increased from 60 to 150 watts, but with no added discomfort to the patient. This increase means the patient is recommended three treatment sessions, as opposed to the six recommended sessions of the Velashape II.

The product is being used in several Harley Street and Knightsbridge clinics. For more information, please go to